Travel Tips To Amsterdam: A Guide To Basic Information

Amsterdam is a place worth visiting in your lifetime. It has a never-dying past and a lively present. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. It is included in the North Holland province and situated in the western part of the country. Amsterdam is considered as the cultural and financial capital of the Netherlands for its rich cultural heritage and financially decisive role.

The city of Amsterdam is a tourist’s heaven. It has got excellent connectivity to different parts of Europe via a well-established train line. Moreover, the air links are very efficient and well planned to span a lot of near and far away places. In addition to this, the city has got a fine motorway.

Inside the city, you can find a tram system that is best to roam within the city. These trams do not have a good speed. But to get a glimpse of all the corners of the capital city this is the best option.

Travel Tips To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an urban village:

The city is a small one so one can enjoy it with its entirety. Moreover, the population density is very less in the central regions of the city. So, just hire a bike, a cycle or a car and get set to explore the entire city. You’ll need just a few days to finish your exploration. Very few modern cities are there in the world which are so well organized and small like the city of Amsterdam.

Magical waterways:

The city of Amsterdam is popular and worth watching for its vast network of canals. A whopping number of more than 150 waterways have created around 90 islands in the entire city. For this reason, some like to call it as a floating city. More than 1200 bridges have been used to connect the entire range of city islands.

The city of golden past:

The city of Amsterdam should be visited for its golden past and historical figures. More than 6800 buildings and houses have been protected in the entire city as reflections of the glorious past of the city. They date back to the 16th to 20th centuries. Amsterdam is architecture’s haven.


The city of Amsterdam has a direct impact on cool oceanic climate. This is so because of its closeness to the North Sea situated on the west side. The city has been surrounded by large water bodies from three directions. Moreover, it faces the heat island effect. So the nighttime temperature less often falls below -5°C. During summers you will find it as a moderately warm place with occasional hotness. The average precipitation of the city is around 750 mm per year. The cooler months generally consist of frequent light rains or drizzles. The cooler months include October to March.

Amsterdam is a great tourist destination. If you are an art lover then its museums will be perfect for you to spend your leisure days in perfect company. On the other hand, as the city has all the characteristics of a modern and developed place so life is quite relaxed and fun there.